Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property is a term that refers to all forms of idea, it is the property of your mind, or intellect, and, so can be claimed and used in a similar way to physical property.

Property&U is a property site therefore it was only fair that one should be able to trade an idea, a work of art, a discovery, a solution to a problem whether that be protected by law by an instrument such as a Patent, Copyright/Design, Trademark covering music, literature, artistic works, discoveries, inventions, designs and logos or be a simple solution to a problem that someone requires.

Today Intellectual Property be bought, sold and even let or rented (lawyers call this licensing).

Property and U

had originally wanted a separate section for IP, still may but due to expediency Property and U have decided to use a category under Items (please note although having let and rent you can use let for license and rent for licensee).

Property & U can help you with you initial work to determine you have a Patentable application for more details contact us. Property & U can also help with trademarks and designs etc.

You can also look for a solution to problems on Property and U if someone solves the problem they will contact you.

It is necessary when selling/buying property that you at all times be careful to make sure that you obtain the relevant goods ideas and proceeds of sale. With unprotected property one must be even more careful. You need to make sure that all is written down into a contract especially if the idea or solution is valuable.

That said Property&U aims to fill a gap in the market place to allow one to match sellers and buyers of Patents (Inventions), Copyrights (Music, literature and artistic works) as well as Designs (colour, pattern/design of item) and Trademarks (Logos).