In these tough economic times many people are looking for ways to shave expenses off their budgets, make extra money. One tried-and-true method is to sell, let or rent as well as buy from other people.

For example, many people find that they rarely use the expensive tools they bought. In fact, studies have shown that the average power tool is used for only about three and a half hours in its lifetime. Renting (or borrowing) that specialized tool when you need it can save your money and free up space in your home or garage.

Securing your transactions and delivery of items

Property&U allows you to match requirements to needs, we do not handle payments to vendors or send goods to buyers. Please be careful when meeting people in person, always meet in a public place or apply safety.

When using Property and U to buy/rent items please note we advise payment by credit card first followed by delivery by the vendor. Any inability to provide the goods the payment can then be put in dispute with the credit card company. The vendor or person letting is responsible through the parcel company of arranging insurance for shipping (broken goods, etc) or delivering them to the buyer/renter.

Property & U advise taking photographs of condition of goods before delivery. If the buyer returns the goods in the case the item is not what he wanted he must also take pictures of goods before returning to a vendor normal laws of selling to apply the seller must advertise the product correctly. The person letting may decide he wishes a deposit or not as he choses.

Any misuse of the site by members will result in the removal of those individuals.